She was also the sponsor of the Florida Baker Act. Since these laws vary on a state level, the criteria for filing can vary as well. New York Law for court ordered drug rehab and involuntary assessment, commitment, and treatment for mental health disorders on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Baker Acting someone means having them committed to a mental health facility in order to protect them and stop them from hurting themselves or others near to them during a significant mental health crisis. Florida reformed its Baker Act in June, 2004to allow for assisted outpatient treatment. New York's laws allow for the use of court-ordered treatment in the community, known as assisted outpatient treatment (AOT). California – 5150 (72-hour hold) Pennsylvania – 302 (5-day hold) Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky – Casey’s Law 4 years ago. The Florida Baker Act was name after Maxine Baker, who was a State representative from Miami who sponsored the Act, while serving as chairperson of the House Committee on Mental Health. § 37-3-1(9.1).”Inpatient” means a person who is mentally ill and: (A) Baker Act Defense, Involuntary Baker Act Confinement, Involuntary Confinement in Hospital, Confinement in Baker Act Facility, Mental Health Confinement, Psychiatric Confinement, Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. New York is one of the 27 states whose involuntary drug treatment standard is based on a person’s need for treatment rather than only the person’s likelihood of being dangerous to themselves or others. The Baker Act is legislation enacted in Florida, but, I'm pretty sure every state and the District of Columbia have some some kind of involuntary mental health commitment statute. Baker Act Cases, Involuntary Confinement . In 1975, the Supreme Court ruling on O'Connor v. Donaldson pretty much made those statutes universal. Kendra’s Law provides for court ordered care for outpatient treatment in the State of New York. The Florida Baker should only be used in situation where a person has a mental illness and meets the criteria for voluntary and involuntary admission. The Baker Act is a Florida law formally known as the Florida Mental Health Act. The Baker Act is an existing law that provides for temporary institutionalization of individuals who meet certain criteria. A Baker Act is a means of providing individuals with emergency services and temporary detention for mental health evaluation and treatment when required, either on a voluntary or an involuntary basis. The reason for a Baker Act according to the law is (s.394.463) ” A person may be taken to a receiving facility for involuntary examination if there is reason to believe that the person has a mental illness and because of his or her mental illness: (a) The person has refused voluntary examination after conscientious explanation and disclosure of the purpose of the examination: or. The Baker Act allows 72 hours of involuntary observation to see whether someone is in fact an imminent danger to himself or others. It can only be used by specific authorized persons, including judges, mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel, and doctors. 0 0 0. Georgia. The Baker Act (Translation) John Eddy Sarmiento, Reporter: Since 1971 in the State of Florida there is a law that considers the possibility that any person could be mentally ill. Rosa Prieto, Spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR): The situation is that there is a law called the Baker Act in the State of Florida and this law allows your children to be taken from … For inpatient: GA. CODE ANN. Asked in Mental Health What is baker act in NJ ? Under a Florida law called the Baker Act, Nadia King was removed from her Jacksonville elementary school this month after she reportedly had a series of outbursts. The Baker Act, also known as the Florida Mental Health Act (Florida Statute Chapter 394, Part I) is a law that was passed to ensure and regulate emergency mental health treatment services for those suffering from a mental illness. The Florida Baker act was named after a Maxine Baker, a state representative, who had a very strong interest and much involvement in mental health issues, and served as House Committee on mental health’s chair. Therevised law is effective on January 1, 2005. Almost all states have similar options to the Baker Act and the Marchman Act. Call now for a confidential review of your case 305-467-8666. New York State allows both inpatient and outpatient involuntary drug treatment, which is known as New York’s assisted outpatient treatment. Steven Baker plays for the New York Giants. 2. Like every state, New York has civil commitment laws that establish criteria for determining when involuntary treatment is appropriate for individuals with severe mental illness who cannot seek care voluntarily. These can include both inpatient and outpatient care. Login to reply the answers Post; Esther.

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