Pompano fish belong to the Trachinotus genera with a variety of species likes the Florida, African, Irish and Cayenne species. Did You Know? HABITAT: The young prefer shallow reefs. Product Description.

RANGE: Most African Pompano are encountered on the lower half of the Atlantic Coast and in the Keys. Categories: Fresh Seafood, Buy Fresh Fish Online.

They feed on crustaceans and fish.

In addition to the fact that the African Pompano is a highly rated game fish, there are no conservation concerns regarding the status of this saltwater fish. It is found on

The African pompano is distributed throughout the tropical oceans and seas of the world in a temperature range of 65 to 80 F (18 to 27 C), although is more often found in coastal waters. African Pompano are fished with techniques similar to those used on other Jacks. The pelagics you usually see would be a barracuda or mackerel sometimes.

African Pompano Alongside Amberjack on the reefs and wrecks are African pompano.

The typical diet for an African Pompano is crustaceans and smaller fish, and the African Pompano has a “minor economic” importance. I’m so stoked !! They have very good eyesight, making the choice of leader and bait presentation critical. They prefer coastal waters, and are most common in temperature ranges between 65-80 degrees Farenheit. We catch them as deep as 250 while wreck fishing and as shallow as 30 feet on the reef.

A favorite bait for small African Pompano is 2 or 3 fresh shrimp rigged on light tackle – a size 4/0 hook on a 30lb. Daily Bag Limit: 2 per harvester. This large saltwater fish is easily recognized by its compressed body, rounded and steeped head and pearly, metallic coloring.

The African pompano is a schooling predatory fish which takes predominantly a variety of crustaceans including decapods, carids and copepods, as well as cephalopods and small fish. The name Pompano has been used to generically categorize the different species in the family called Jacks( Carangidae )— because they put up a big fight.

The African Pompano (juvenile) is found in the Circumtropical region growing up to 130cm in length.

African Pompano: Powerful Fighters Description.

Add to cart. This is a spot I usually go out for reef fish, was very rear to see a African pompano and of that size.

They also are found throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean.

The fish is about 18 inches (45 cm) long and weighs about 2 to 3 lb. leader attached to 15lb.

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