He helped launch the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in 2009 to learn more about effective online activism. – New York, 2013. január 11.) Swartz részt vett az RSS eszköz kidolgozásában, a Creative Commons a web.py és a Reddit média honlap létrehozásában. 10 from the RSS.

Aaron Hillel Swartz (Chicago, Illinois, 1986. november 8.
He was arrested in January 6, 2011 and charged with illegally downloading files from JSTOR. Foglalkozott szociológiával, civil tudattal és aktivizmussal is. Aaron H. Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, writer, political organizer, and Internet activist who helped organize the RSS. Aaron Hillel Swartz (8 nëntor, 1986 – 11 janar, 2013) ishte një programues kompjuterik, sipërmarrës, shkrimtar, organizues politik dhe haktivist i Internetit. amerikai programozó, szerző, politikai- és internetaktivista. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz is a 2014 American biographical documentary film about Aaron Swartz written, directed, and produced by Brian Knappenberger. Swartz's work also focused on civic awareness and activism. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz est un film documentaire américain écrit, réalisé et produit par Brian Knappenberger, sorti en 2014. In 20 Swartz was born on November 8, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. Il a été présenté au festival du film de Sundance 2014 le 20 janvier 2014 Synopsis. Early life and career.

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