In their view, the conflict is not between Palestinians and Zionists, but Muslims and Jews in which there … This enmity still existed in Jesus' day, even hundreds of years later, which was why (as noted in the verse cited in the question) Jews ordinarily had no dealings with Samaritans, and why referring to a Jew as a Samaritan, as those Jews who opposed Jesus did to Him (John 8:48), was regarded as a supreme insult or condemnation. Judaism had various forms of thought in the first century AD (or the “Common Era” in non-denominational terms). While the First Jewish–Roman War (66–73 CE) and the Bar Kokhba revolt (132–136 CE) were nationalist rebellions, striving to restore an independent Judean state, the Kitos War was more of an ethno-religious conflict… In fact, no letter in the New Testament uses as many ethnic terms, or duplicates the frequency with which Paul uses such terms as Romans. They weren't an orderly or spiritually uplifting bunch. Causes of the War Against the Romans The Jewish Revolt of 66 to 70 AD/CE had its origin in several different troubles identified by Josephus. A …

Conflict Between Jews and Arabs . Later, in speaking of the reign of Abijam, Jeroboam’s son, 1 Kings 15:6 says “there was war between Rehoboam and Jeroboam all the days of his life.” Immediately after the division, Jeroboam changed the worship of the Israelites in 1 Kings 12:25-33. The Jewish–Roman wars were a series of large-scale revolts by the Jews of the Eastern Mediterranean against the Roman Empire between 66 and 135 CE. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict—(1948- Present): The ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is both simple to understand, yet deeply complex. Of course this was tactless and brutal, but it it would not have led to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple if there had not been one or two deeper causes. The Church in Rome: Jews and Greeks Paul's letter to the Romans is full of the use of ethnic terms.

Post-exile disagreements: When the Babylonians allowed the Judeans to return to their homeland, the rift between the Samaritans and the Judeans widened.

Some of the Jews believed in Jesus.

The Jews rebelled against the Romans many times.
There had been upsets: Jews had been banished from Rome in 139 BC, again in 19 AD and during the reign of Claudius. In 63 B.C. Throughout Israel’s long history, tensions between Jews and Arab Muslims have existed. There were three different revolts that the Romans put down (the Great Revolt in 66-70 CE, the Kitos War in 115-117 CE, and the Bar Kochba Revolt from 132-135 CE.)

Jesus was Jewish. The Jews had a point: the Roman gods didn't look like they were capable of creating a planet, yet alone an entire Universe. There are to sides to every story but the survival of sources from antiquity means we do not always see both. There are Jews today who are atheists and do not believe in any God. The Jews rebelled several times. At various points in his work he specifically names different events as "the" cause of the war, either as an immediate trigger or as a fundamental motive. The obvious reason why this incident led to war, was the religious tension between the Jewish populace and the Roman government. The Romans had a point: the Jews were claiming that there was only one God, and that He was their tribal god, and no one else's counted. The relationship between the Romans and the Jews was bad. There are Jews today who believe that their Messiah has not yet come.

In a 1981 History Today article, Jenny Morris speaks of ‘the nexus of conflict, incomprehension and intolerance which characterises Greco-Roman relations with the Jews’. The Gentiles had no background in the Old Testament Levitical laws and their practice of eating meat sacrificed to idols and which contained blood greatly offended the Jews.
Tim Whitmarsh calls for a more nuanced view of Jews in the Greco-Roman world.

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