Where ranges overlap, typically in more open country than Eastern or Cassin's kingbirds. Fairly large flycatcher, barely smaller than a robin. Favors open habitats with tall shrubs and trees. Western Kingbirds are aggressive and will scold and chase intruders (including Red-tailed … As its name implies, the Western Kingbird’s breeding range is largely restricted to the western United States and southern Canada, from southeastern British Columbia east to southwestern Ontario. Western is separated by paler gray head that fades to whiter throat and breast. An eye-catching bird with ashy gray and lemon-yellow plumage, the Western Kingbird is a familiar summertime sight in open habitats across western North America. Usually seen on an obvious perch.

Cassin's is not as widespread. The Western Kingbird’s breeding range has been spreading for the last century as an unplanned result of human activities. Most similar to Cassin's Kingbird, with a gray head and yellow belly. This large flycatcher sallies out to capture flying insects from conspicuous perches on trees or utility lines, flashing a black tail with white edges. Although breeding densities are high throughout the Central Plains states, from North Dakota south through Texas, the highest densities are found in northwestern Texas and eastern New Mexico (Figure 1). Regular fall migrant on the Atlantic coast and winters in the tropics. Range and Habitat Western Kingbird: Breeds throughout the west, from southern Canada south to northern Mexico, and from the Pacific coast east to the Great Plains. In open country of the west, the Western Kingbird is often seen perched on roadside fences and wires, flying out to snap up insects -- or to harass ravens, hawks, or other large birds that stray too close to the kingbird's nest. By planting trees and installing utility poles in open areas, people have provided hunting perches and nest sites, and by clearing forests they have created open habitats suitable for foraging.

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