The best is yet to come. So to me – the universe is the body of God, and God is still learning.

- Ernest Holmes. - Ernest Holmes. Our bodies are part of the universe, so we must all be part of God. The Universe Is the Body of God Thursday, March 7, 2019 The bread and the wine together are stand-ins for the very elements of the universe, which also enjoy and communicate the incarnate presence. With a penetrating vision you can dissipate the obstruction, remove the obstacle, dissolve the wrong condition. We human beings are part of God as we are part of the… These understandings are at the very core of many ancient religions such as the Egyptian religion, Mayan religion, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Paganism, and various tribal religions across the face of the planet. Suppose a healthy God made man so he could share in man’s happiness. The world as God's body may be poorly cared for, ravaged and, as we are becoming well aware, essentially destroyed, in spite of God’s own loving attention to it, because of one creature, ourselves, who can choose or not choose to join with God in conscious care of the world. The earth is home to trillions of life, including 7 billion human beings. Heaven is composed of our solar system and the million of other galaxies. So to me – the universe is the body of God, and God is still learning. In both instances, God is at risk in human hands. This understanding of the universe as God is not new.

The manifest universe is the body of God... all people are incarnations of the One Spirit.

The universe is composed of earth and heaven. The Universe as the Body of God In the Book of Prophecy it is written that the universe is the body of God. Ernest Holmes. There is One Infinite Mind, which of necessity includes all that is, whether it be the intelligence in man, the life in the animal, or the invisible Presence which is God.
We must take care of our bodies, and the bodies of others because they are loans from a loving God. If you're saying the universe is God's body, then you're still left with God standing on top of, or outside the universe. Suppose the Universe is the Body of God. To consider the universe as God's body, McFague says, "is neither idolatry nor pantheism: The world, creation, is not identified or confused with God. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, cause your mind to dwell on peace and joy. In Jesus, God enters completely into creation, moves into the neighbourhood, thus fulfilling the incarnation begun at the moment of creation. The manifest universe is the body of God ... by Ernest Holmes. We are all "made of God", or in other words, Consciousness.

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