The Temple of Venus of Pompeii is immediately to the right at the entrance to the city along the Marina (Sea) Gate. Temple of Venus The Temple of Venus -on a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the plain- was built soon after the establishment of Pompeii as a Roman colony. This was the temple of the goddess to whom Silla dedicated the colony in calling it Cornelia Veneria Pompeianorum . The Theatre of Pompey (Latin: Theatrum Pompeii, Italian: Teatro di Pompeo) was a structure in Ancient Rome built during the latter part of the Roman Republican era by Pompey the Great (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus). 807 likes.
The temple stood on the Via Sacra, the main axis of the Roman forum. First, one covering the Beqaa valley north of the road from Beirut to Damascus. Listen to our new cd LIVE 19.04.13 CPA FI-SUD produced by SWISS DARK NIGHTS ! The colossal Temple of Venus and Rome was one of Rome's largest imperial temples. Directed by Henry Otto. Temple of Venus. El templo de Venus Genetrix es un templo romano situado en el Foro de César, en Roma.Dicho templo está dedicado a la diosa romana Venus Genetrix, le fue dedicado en el año 46 a. C., por Julio César. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. The Goddess of beauty was worshipped in Pompeii -as creator and Mother of the Universe, with power over life and death- even before the colonization which took place during the age of Sulla, even though her cult was not held in high regard.

The temple stood on a podium measuring approximately 30 metres by 15 metres and was surrounded by a portico with two rows of columns on the longer sides and one row on the northern wall. Traces of the walls surrounding the court of this first temple can still be seen (coloured pink on the above plan). Enclosed by the large columned porticos was an expansive garden complex of fountains and statues. Search for "The Temple of Venus" on Share this Rating Title: The Temple of Venus (1923) 6.4 /10 Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Along the east side of the court, which ran parallel to the rear wall of the Basilica , were six rooms, two of which were fully open to the court while the reminder were … We recommend booking Temple of Venus and Roma tours ahead of time to secure your spot. The building had colossal dimensions. Temple of Venus, Classy New-wave Electropop from Bologna (Italia). Use the HTML below. The original podium was retained, but the temple building was replaced with marble stones. It essentially enveloped the Velia Hill, next to the Palatine and overlooking the Colosseum valley.Hadrian constructed this temple dedicated to two deities, necessitating its two cellae, back to back, for each cult statue. The eastern side of the temple was embellished by two pedestals with statues and provided access to the houses at the foot of the slope where the priests of Venus probably lived. With Will Walling, Mary Philbin, Mickey McBan, Alice Day. ; Second, a group to the south, including the Wadi al-Taym known as Temples of Mount Hermon. See all 1 Temple of Venus and Roma As it is known the emperor Augustus liked to say that "he took Rome from brick, and left it from marble." The Temple of Venus and Roma was inaugurated by Emperor Hadrian in 121 A.D. on the site where once stand the massive Colossus of Nero.According to some sources, it probably was Hadrian’s himself who designed the structure of the temple: a double cell set back-to-back in a single structure and with a typical Greek style, featuring a low stepped podium surrounded by columns. The eastern side of the temple was embellished by two pedestals with statues and provided access to the houses at the foot of the slope where the priests of Venus probably lived.
[1] César hizo la promesa de construir el templo a Venus Victrix, pero la batalla de Farsalia en el año 48 a. C. pospuso la edificación. Give me an incentive to work on this project by sharing this link on your social media, forums and other websites. The first temple complex covered an area of approximately 300 sq.m. The temple of Venus was rebuilt during the first half of the first century AD. Hadrian himself is thought to have heavily influenced the design of this temple, although it was later renovated by the emperor Maxentius after it was damaged in a fire.

Completed in 55 BC, it was the first permanent theatre to be built in Rome.. Temple of Venus Some two hundred meters southeast of the altars on the Great Court of the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek , and separated from it by a colonnaded street, was the complex of Venus and the Muses. Temple groups. The Temple of Venus and Rome, known in Latin as Templum Veneris et Romae, in the Roman Forum was built in approximately 135 AD during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. George F. Taylor divided up the Temples of Lebanon into three groups: .

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