jouisance - Also spelled jouissance, it is another word for "enjoyment" or "possession or use of something."

tenement - First meant "holding as a possession." Possession is an exhilarating novel of wit and romance, at once a literary detective novel and a triumphant love story. the state of being possessed. Examples of possession in a Sentence The city can take possession of the abandoned buildings. formal I have in my possession a letter which may be of interest to you. A pair of literary sleuths unearth the amorous secret of two Victorian poets only to find themselves falling under a passionate spell. A team of astronauts land on an inhabitable planet and form a society. The family lost all of its possessions in the fire. formal He was found in possession … the fact that you have or own something: The possession of large amounts of money does not ensure happiness. the act or fact of possessing. With Gwyneth Paltrow, Aaron Eckhart, Jeremy Northam, Jennifer Ehle. have - Coming through Proto-Germanic khaben, it was from Indo-European kap-, meaning "possession." Directed by Neil LaBute. Many years later, a single astronaut is sent to the planet and becomes a messiah. She came into possession of a rare silver coin.

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