It is located next to five of the cranium bones. basilar part, lateral part (2), squamous part. Bodytomy explains the anatomy, diagram, and function of the occipital bone. When we nod, we use the atlanto-occipital joint, which is the joint located between the … Introduction to the Occipital bone anatomy: The occipital bone ( L., occipital – “back of the head” ) is a cranial bone that surrounds the back and base regions of the brain. The occipital bone is also known as "C0" because it joins the skull to the first cervical vertebra or C1, forming the atlanto-occipital joint. The occipital bone is the trapezoid-shaped bone at the lower-back of the cranium (skull). Did You Know? The occipital bone (latin: os occipitale) is a single bone and consists of four parts that surround the foramen magnum.. There four parts forming the occipital bone are as following:. The occipital bone is a trapezoid-shaped bone that forms the posterior wall and the base of human skull. It makes up a large portion of the basilar part of the neurocranium and entirely houses the cerebellum.. Along with its inferior and internal surfaces is the prominent foramen magnum, which allows the spinal cord to pass through the skull. The occipital bone is the trapezoidal-shaped bone found at the lower-back area of the cranium. The occipital is cupped like a saucer in order to house the back part of the brain. Basilar part of occipital bone. Gross anatomy. The occipital bone is an unpaired bone which covers the back of the head (occiput). The occipital bone houses the back part of the brain and is one of seven bones that come together to form the skull.

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