Snakeheads are air-breathing freshwater fishes that are not native to North America.

PATHWAYS/HISTORY: The northern snakehead is native to areas of China, Russia, and Korea. These data are preliminary or provisional and are subject to revision. The …

It is native to the fresh waters of Southeast Asia (south Indian populations are now regarded as a separate species, C. diplogramma), but has also been … These maps represent collection records only and may not reflect the actual distribution of established populations. The northern Snakehead Fish or Channa argus in scientific terms, are just interesting creatures of which really worth learning about. The Northern Snakehead Fish’ History The history of this species goes back many years ago when the inhabitants of ancient China discovered them and a total stir was unleashed by their peculiar traits. See more. This species can reach over 34 inches in length, has a long dorsal fin, is brown with dark blotches, and can be confused with native burbot or bowfin. So, don’t miss this chance to learn all about them. With a narrow, torpedo-shaped body and a long dorsal (back) fin, northern snakehead looks similar to Ontario’s native bowfin (Amia calva), and burbot (Lota lota).Check the chart below to know if you have a snakehead, a bowfin or another species. We estimated that the species has spread beyond its introduced range … Its long dorsal fin runs along most of its back. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division confirmed someone found a northern snakehead in early October in a pond on private property in Gwinnett County, marking the first time the invasive fish has been found in the state. It has tan, dark brown or black coloring with a mottled, snake-like pattern. More specifically, the northern snakehead is found in the lower Amur River basin, including the Ussuri River basin and Khanka Lake; the Sungari River in Manchuria; and, the Tungushka River at Khaborovsk, Russia. In scientific terms, snakeheads are divided into two distinct genera: Channa (snakeheads of Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia) Data Disclaimer: Number of records does not imply species abundance.
It has a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw and many teeth. In the United States, the snakehead was first discovered in 1977 within Silverwood Lake, California. How to Identify Northern Snakehead. They are being provided to meet the need for timely best science. Origin and meaning of snakehead: 1845 as a type of plant; 1891 as a type of Asian carnivorous fish," from snake (n.) + head (n.).

Northern snakehead is a popular aquarium species known for its aggressive behavior and is also considered a delicacy in Asian cuisine. The northern Snakehead Fish are native to China, Russia and North Korea.

The northern snakehead can grow up to 85 centimetres long and weigh as much as seven kilograms. Young snakeheads may be golden brown or pale gray, darkening as they grow older. Advertisement ... See more. The northern snakehead's elongated body grows to 33 inches in length. In the United States, the snakehead was first discovered in 1977 within Silverwood Lake, California. Since then northern snakehead has expanded its range throughout much of Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, IE9 & above. Northern snakehead Channa argus, a nonnative species to North America, was discovered in 2004 in tidal freshwater of the Potomac River, the second largest drainage of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The northern snakehead is native to Asia and is one of 29 snakehead species.

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