Add a rough-barked branch for them to exercise on and you’ll get to enjoy seeing them more active. There is no information on the food habits of this species in Montana. In captivity, the northern alligator lizard is a hardy pet. Asked in Lizards What does a fence lizard eat?

The Northern alligator lizard eats small invertebrates (termites, beetles, ticks, spiders, millipedes, and snails), and occasionally takes small birds, mammals, and other lizards. Due to their small size, ants are consumed in large amount by the lizard in food.

Northern Alligator Lizard … (Dark lines are inbetween.

Place one larger hollow log in as a shelter. This is the only lizard found in the cool coastal forests of northern Oregon. According to Reptic Zone, alligator lizards typically eat 3 to 5 crickets per day. Northern alligator lizards can be found in northern Idaho, western Montana, and along the Pacific coast of southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern and central California.

2.2 Northern Alligator Lizard Diet.

1 Northern Alligator Lizard.

What is the northern fence lizard diet?

Feed them during the day after they’ve had time to bask under heat lamps and reach an active temperature. Southern alligator lizards use their tails for balance and as a fifth leg when climbing. General Description: Northern Alligator Lizards are long-bodied lizards that are characterized by a distinct fold of skin (dorsolateral fold) that separates the keeled dorsal scales from the smooth ventral scales.The scales in the region of the fold are granular and contrast with the scale types on either side.
Darkly-patterned adult with regenerated tail, Contra Costa County. Do not feed an alligator lizard insects larger than the space between its eyes. This is the only lizard found in the cool coastal forests of northern Oregon.

Feeding a lizard just one type of food (whether it’s an insect or a vegetable) over and over—a common mistake many lizard owners make—can lead to malnutrition.

It stealthily stalks its prey and pounces from a short distance. Feed your pets a variety, and dust the food occasionally with a calcium and vitamin supplement for reptiles. 1.3 Northern Alligator Lizard Care. Northern Alligator Lizard Care Sheet. Photo by Simon Wray

In captivity, they'll readily consume crickets, earthworms and mealworm larvae. If attacked, their tail can break off and keep wiggling to distract a predator while the lizard gets away.

View a map of where they live. The life history has not been thoroughly studied. The back is brown, tan, or gray to olive, yellow, or greenish. Including tail, it can reach a foot in length (30 cm).

Large bony scales, a large head on an elongated body and powerful jaws probably give the lizards their common name. The Northern Alligator Lizard is a secretive species, most often found under logs and rocks, although it is frequently detected rustling through litter of dried leaves and needles or sunning in an exposed location. Four subspecies are recognized as being valid, including the nominotypical subspecies.

The northern alligator lizard is mostly terrestrial, but also is a capable climber in low brush and trees.

In captivity, they'll readily consume crickets, earthworms and mealworm larvae.

Adult, Marin County with mostly original tail. Northern Alligator Lizards eat insects, spiders and snails. The body of the Northern Alligator Lizard is elongate and the legs are short.

Photo by Simon Wray The dark sides of the body are often checkered with small darker patches. If attacked, their tail can break off and keep wiggling to distract a predator while the lizard gets away. The lizard is medium-sized and there are four recognized subspecies of this species. It has a round thick body with small legs and a long somewhat prehensile tail that can be twice as long as the lizard's body. Northern alligator lizard is a long-bodied lizard found in the west coast of North America. Learning about the lizard’s nutritional and environmental needs and setting up its tank appropriately can help prevent illness before it occurs. The diet of northern alligator lizards is fairly typical for a lizard -- they mostly eat small invertebrates.
2 Northern Alligator Lizard Facts. Related Questions. Gut load the food before giving it to the lizard.

Wiki User 2014-10-03 16:43:48. what is the northern fence lizard's niche.

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