The Javan green magpie (Cissa thalassina) is a passerine bird in the crow family, Corvidae.This critically endangered species is endemic to montane forests on the Indonesian island of Java.

The first Javan green magpie chick hatched at Chester Zoo on 13th June and the last of the four was born on 15th August.

However, the Common Green Magpies in the collection were also given part of the same food for practical reasons. The transformation from the blue hue we had become accustomed to, back to a brilliant green was quite a surprise. It formerly included the Bornean green magpie as a subspecies, in which case the "combined" species was known as the short-tailed magpie. The new future for breeding The Javan Green Magpie (Cissa thalassina)The Javan Green magpie is a Critically Endangered bird, bird endemic to West Java and little is known on the biology of this species in the wild, made all the more difficult due to the increasing difficulty in finding wild individuals. Conservation Actions Conservation and Research Actions Underway The species may still persist in some or all of the four protected areas in which it has been seen since 2001, including three national parks. It is suspected that the population does not exceed 100 individuals. The Javan Green Magpie is a Critically Endangered bird.

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