You can also add things to bird food that squirrels don't like. Rocky places and areas with lots of brush may have large populations of chipmunks—another member of the squirrel family. To stop squirrels from eating your birdseed, try filling the birdseed with foods that squirrels don't like. from home.

In an upcoming article I’ll be discussing how to protect flower bulbs from squirrels, which is often a big problem for backyard gardeners. Put the hair in a nylon stocking or porous bag, and place the stocking or bag at the foot of your tomato plants. We learned this lesson the hard way one year when we planted corn. I sealed the attic and live-trapped for over a year — 30+ squirrels — and released them in a Forest Preserve 12 mi. A word of caution on live-trapping squirrels to remove nuisance. However, In my experience, using pepper spray is the fastest and easiest way the deter squirrels.

Squirrels are entertaining, cute and fun to watch--except when they are chewing on the side of your house or causing havoc in other parts of your house. Be sure the garden beds have tops (bird netting works well) as well as sides, or the squirrels will just climb up and in. Those little squirrels came and dug up every single piece we planted. They can make holes in your roof, set up nests in the attic and crawlspaces and ruin your insulation. When you wrote that they are tearing the screen panels out, I assume that they are climbing your screen. Sending squirrels flying into space on catapults — while obviously a popular activity to take video of and post on YouTube — won't work either unless you make your entire garden a giant catapult. Imagine waiting an entire season for the fruit to ripen on your backyard tree, and then going out one day to find all the fruit gone. Use a wire farm basket for low-growing plants, making sure that it comes to the edge of the flower pot. Adding a bird bath will do double duty: let the birds bathe and water for the squirrels. Because of this behavior, squirrels are often considered pests. Squirrels can wreak havoc on a garden, even if they aren't interested in the plants. How to Stop Squirrels From Getting in the Roof. Squirrels can destroy a garden, demolish a bird feeder, and cause chaos in your home. There are various methods you can try, including installing a vent shield made especially for deterring squirrels from chewing there.

Typically, squirrels don’t prefer greenery. How To Keep Squirrels Away From Tomato Plants. Slit the pipe lengthwise, spread it open and place it over the wire.

As for the lead around vent stacks, apparently that is a common problem. Collect dog or cat hair in a vacuum cleaner, or get some from a pet store. There is no best way to stop squirrels from chewing on wires as they all have different pros and cons. By Gary on. If you’ve ever had a squirrel problem on your property, then you probably know that squirrels will dig until they get what they want out of the ground. Attach a metal barrier around the trunk of the tree to prevent squirrels from being able to climb up the trunk. Neighborhoods with old, mature trees are often full of tree squirrels. But for gardeners who find beds dug up and tomatoes chewed, these bushy tailed critters aren’t a source of anything except frustration and a fervent desire to figure out ways of keeping squirrels out of the garden. Mix in hot pepper, which squirrels won't eat.

So, now you put a water source by your tomatoes, but squirrels are still feasting on your harvest. Anything edible put in their disposal is made a meal and bird feeders are no exemption. and chipmunks (Tamius spp.) There are many simple steps to take when beginning to squirrel-proof your yard.

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