Why buy a Finnish Spitz puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The exact origins of spitz dogs are not known, though most of the spitz seen today originate from the Arctic region or Siberia. The CFSC is a great way for Finkie owners to share their passion with other professionals and enthusiasts. Black Dogs; Black and White Dogs; Spotted Dogs; Red Dogs; Hypoallergenic Dogs. The pointed muzzle, erect ears, dense coat and curled tail denotes its northern heritage.

Adopt RACER a White - with Black Finnish Spitz / Mixed dog in Albuquerque, NM (28436719) spayed/neutered In the next breed standard from 1897 the name of the breed was changed to Finnish Spitz, “suomalainen pystykorva”, and the length of its body was defined as stumpy.

Finnish spitz, breed of dog native to Finland, where a breed standard has existed since 1812. Its starting speed is explosive when necessary and it moves with effortless lightness.

Anything Look…Weird?

About 2000 years ago they were brought from the Volga River area of central Russia to what is now Finland, and are considered the National dog of Finland, and are mentioned in several patriotic songs. Its ears are erect and mobile. The Finnish Spitz stands up to 15-20 inches weighing an average to 31-35 pounds.

Its double coat, consisting of a short soft undercoat and harsh straight outer coat … Look at pictures of Finnish Spitz puppies who need a home. 452 likes. The breed standard was first established in 1812 but remains of dogs from thousands of years ago have been found in Finland, which closely resemble the Finnish Spitz, making it a very old breed. It’s the method they use to hunt that makes these spitzes stand out.

They were bred to be courageous hunting dogs that specialized in tracking birds. Look at pictures of Finnish Spitz puppies who need a home. Tamaskan dogs are a Finnish dog breed cross-bred to resemble a wolf and wolfdog. We breed purebred, CKC registered Finnish Spitz.

Even today they are still used in Finland for … The Finnish Spitz resembles a fox, with its erect ears, and thick, dense coat that is painted with splotches of red, and tan. The Finnish Spitz is the national dog of Finland which is very popular for its unique hunting skills.

The Finnish Spitz was originally …

The German Spitz has a medium-long coat and comes in a variety of colors from black to white. Woof!

Bitches are decidedly feminine without over-refinement.

It has a fox-like appearance with clean-cut head, pointed muzzle, erect, high set ears, almond-shaped eyes, muscular body, deep chest, and a … They can also have any of these colors on a white background making them parti-colored or they can be bi-colored in black and tan. Formed in 1976, the Canadian Finnish Spitz Club has always been dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Finnish Spitz breed in Canada. The breed standard has been revised six times, and the … It is nicknamed the “barking bird dog” for its habit of “yodeling,” or barking continuously, to alert the hunter to the location of game birds. If you want to buy a Finnish Spitz puppy then will cost you between $500 – $700 depending on the breeder and the quality of the breed. The Finnish Spitz or Suomenpystykorva as it is known in Finnish is the national dog of Finland.

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