Needless to say, you want someone who is faithful and willing to invest emotionally in a monogamous relationship. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) If you’re dating a Cancer, you’ve got it made! THE MOST FAITHFUL MEN ON THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. One of the most important things in every relationship is trust, and that is why it is crucial for our partner not to let us down and to be faithful as long as the relationship lasts. For example, you can guess whether your partner is more likely to be faithful or not by looking at their zodiac. Faithful Zodiac Signs. A relationship is the sum of the people it contains, but these signs may be a little less likely to go astray. That superficiality can lead them to stray from your relationship. Have an Affair") have analyzed the astrological signs of their members to determine which star sign is most likely to cheat. Thus, if you are faithful to your partner who is a Scorpio, you do not have anything to worry about. Scorpios don't cheat too, as well as Aquarius. He thrives on stability and is usually extremely dependable, reliable, and loyal. They are as faithful as their partners are. Zodiac signs aren't what make one faithful or makes one cheat. Leo is actually the most loyal sign of the zodiac. Here's what they found: Among men, Pisces are the most likely to cheat, while, among women, Geminis are the least faithful. Other signs of the zodiac are characterized by their exemplary passion or empathy. When it comes to relationships, the bull may seem a bit reluctant at first, but only because he does not … Scorpio star sign is the most intense sign in the zodiac. Zodiac Signs: Brutal Truth About Your Personality Defined! And while all signs are capable of monogamy, it comes easier for some signs […] Least faithful: I can say Aries. Even these three signs of the zodiac can end up being wrong, but compared to the rest of the astrological chart, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are more faithful than the others. Aries 1 st sign of zodiac represent self; body is very individualist and independent in nature. However, if you are being disloyal yourself, then you must brace yourself for the consequences. Cancers are known for being one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, and they form deep attachments with the people they care about most being the most faithful boyfriends according to their zodiac sign. The Bull loves his “creature comforts” and is very sensual.

Cheating is antithetical to everything Cancer stands for, which makes them one of the most faithful signs in the zodiac.

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