The electric yellow cichlid is a peaceful beauty that is a much-deserved aquarium favorite. The Electric Yellow Cichlid is found in planted areas and rocky shorelines of Lake Malawi, one of the Great Rift Lakes in East Africa. 1x electric yellow cichlid $ 20. Electric Yellow - African Cichlid $ 5.

Both males and females of the electric yellow are deep yellow in colour and develop black anul, pectorial and dorsal fins (more prominant in males as they mature) 1x Electric Yellow - Labidochromis Caeruleus This is the most popular in the hobby but there are other color variations, especially blue, that are occasionally available. Learn about electric yellow cichlid care and range here. $1.23. Electric yellows are one of the more piecefull African Cichlid and will get along well with most of their tank mates. African cichlids $ 40. Date Listed: 11 minutes ago; Last Edited: 12 minutes ago; Similar Ads. Electric Yellow Cichlid The Electric Yellow Cichlid, Labidochromis caeruleus, is often seen in most local fish stores and Cichlid keepers aquariums. Werribee. Doncaster. $10. $40.

Also known as the Yellow Lab or Electric Yellow Lab, this is a very hardy Cichlid with a great personality. Red zebra and electric yellow $ 10. Some of these varieties are: Yellow with a blue dorsal The color morph is from … $5. Wyndham Vale. The Electric Yellow Cichlid, as its name suggests, has a bright yellow body also with a black stripe on its dorsal as well as black on the anal fins, though it will often not show this vivid black striping until it is mature.


The body of the Electric Cichlid is a deep yellow color with black highlights on its fins. American cichlids fish $ … Electric Yellow cichlid 5cm ,$15 each. The scientific name for this fish is Labidochromis caeruleus. $20. Craigieburn.

African Cichlids for sale $ 1.23.


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