CUL Ii.4.35 . The intricate forms of living things bespeak design, and thus a creator: nearly 150 years after Darwin's theory of natural selection called this argument into question, we still speak of life in terms of design-the function of the eye, the purpose of the Richard Owen, photograph by Ernest Edwards, c. 1863. 1863-6. From L. Reeve ed. Topics include altruism, empathy, communication, theory of mind, aggression, power, groups, mating, and morality. Darwin and Design. Humans are social animals; social demands, both cooperative and competitive, structure our development, our brain and our mind. At the beginning of the nineteenth century in Britain, religion and the sciences were generally thought to be in harmony. Cambridge University Library. This course covers social development, social behaviour, social cognition and social neuroscience, in both human and non-human social animals. OWEN-R-01-03629.jpg.

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