It smells, it’s often brown, and it happens as often as the animal eats.

However, Corn snakes can musk if they feel they are threatened or are being handled roughly. Snake poop, especially that of snakes with a rodent-rich diet, is an oblong, liquid excretion with a white cap of urea.
Act fine when you hold them and not stressed out, but then poop whenever they get the chance on you.

What does corn snakes feces look like?

Skip to Main Content. The white mass is not feces but a urate, which is the equivalent to our urine.

Sometimes, meanwhile, a snake eats a meal he's unable to digest in a reasonable time. Search.

I must know what to do I cant keep cleaning up poop! Lv 6.
In either case, you will not be able to use the full functionality of this site until you have registered, and then logged in after your registration has been … Like most snakes, corn snakes also present challenges for those who want to create a bioactive substrate. Its not your fault, and there really isnt anything you can do … Related Questions. is white . Instead of impurities coming out diluted with excess water, as ours does, in reptiles it accumulates in the cloaca as a semi-solid wad of impurities (nitrates, urea, calcium from bones of prey, etc. I have had tons of them and some of them are just like that. ftfisher4x4. … 1.0.0 Butter motley corn (Sheldon) 0.1.0 Caramel Corn (Maggie) 0.1.0 Caramel motley corn (Echo) 1.0.0 Cat (Angus) 1 mealworm colony RIP Skye x Sleep well Sonny, Mummy loves you xx: Danhleon Snake Mite. It depends on the snake. Answer Save.

A Bioactive Corn Snake Vivarium. Its almost like a defense for them, commonly known as "musking." Learn how to identify snake poop and other droppings with Critter Control!

Log in to reply to the answers Post; Steven. Personally, i think fresh bearded dragon poop smells much worse than … Snake poop tends to smell because of a combination of the snake’s diet (meat) and the bacteria in the snake’s digestive system that breaks that food down. Of your snake likes to take its dump in the water bowl, it'll smell worse than if it's done on the aspen or reptibark. He doesn't just do it to me.. My mother was holding him so I could grab my camera and he pooped on her! So, I got a corn snake, very young (only about a foot or so long), and it was fed a pinky mouse on Saturday.

Anyway, my question is, how many times do corn snakes poop after feeding? Bacteria can build up in a snake's belly in …

She refuses food any more often. Top Answer. They will emit a watery mess that smells, and it comes from their cloaca (where poo also comes from). The guy who sold it to me said it was probably the first time the snake has ever eaten. Snake feces, known in layman’s terms as snake poop, is just like any other animal’s waste matter. I must know what to do I cant keep cleaning up poop!

The only real issue is their lifespan, which we’ll get into below. :) I feed him one small mouse every 7 days but I am going to start feeding him 1 medium every 10 days.

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