A visit to the church is also highly recommended. About five hundred thousand Christians were buried here. Catacombs of Sant’Agnese (Via Nomentana, 349): After being a martyr because of her Christian faith, Sant’Agnese was buried in the catacombs that subsequently bore her name. Posts about Catacombs of St. Agnes written by Maria Grizzetti. She was just a … (The catacombs are open to the public and are entered through the basilica.) She was one of the many Christians who were persecuted by the Romans at the time. St. Marcellinus and St. Peter's were slain in the persecution of 304 AD. What makes this Agnes so special? The church is a tiny 7th century gem, the catacombs tour is short but interesting but the... Way off the beaten path but definitely worth the effort is the Church dedicated to Saint Agnes, a very young early Christian martyr. One of the most beautiful hidden treasures in Rome is a small plaque buried beneath centuries of history in the relatively untrodden Catacombe di Santa’Agnese Fuori le Mura.On a wall in one of the chambers well below ground is preserved a rare example of early Christian funerary art. Official cemetery of the Church of Rome in the 3 rd century AD. You have to return to the times of the Emperor Diocletian to know the history of life of the two martyrs. Her bones are now conserved in the church built over the catacomb. The Basilica di Sant'Agnese Fuori le Mura was built during the reign of Constantine (306-37) over the top of the catacombs in which Saint Agnes was entombed after her martyrdom. Opening times are from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00; the catacombs are closed on … The catacombs in which she was buried was subsequently named after her. The name derives from that of the catacomb of Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr, the only martyr remembered by old documents buried in this catacomb. The Catacombs of Priscilla, sits on the Via Salaria, with its entrance in the convent of the Benedictine Sisters of Priscilla. The beautiful Baroque Church of St. Agnes on Piazza Navona reminds the discerning pilgrim that our saint met her death at that exact spot. This lovely little church, formerly part of a much larger complex i... Read all 101 reviews The catacomb of Saint Agnes is a catacomb of Rome, on the second mile of the Via Nomentana, within the monumental complex of St. Agnes Outside the Walls, in the modern Trieste. Saint Agnes was buried here in an already existing burial ground and the complex was subsequently expanded.

Moreover, the life story of Saint Agnes is impressive and breathtaking.

These catacombs of Rome are not very frequented and therefore the tours mostly take place in small groups.

Ticket cost: 8 euro

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