Axe training is an advanced weapon study taught at Imperial Combat Arts in Denver CO. This high level weapon study includes the use of the Chinese Axe (Fu 斧), Battle Axe (Yue 钺), Broad Axe ( 板斧) , Two handed Axe (雙手鉞 ), Thrown Axes (飞斧 ), and Long Handled Axes (长柯斧) .Some of these traditional Chinese weapons have been used in battle for thousands of years.

The axe – used with one hand, as the American tomahawk, or with both hands, as a battle axe – is one of the oldest weapons known to mankind. The Romans, Vikings, Celts, Scots, Germans, and many others used the dreaded battle axe to devastating effects. And even in our days the axe is used by numerous military special units.

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