A small, slow moving snake that hunts at night. Zoologist, Dr. Mitch Ladyman catches one of the biggest tiger snakes he has ever seen. The African Black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) is a large and highly venomous snake species native to much of Sub-Saharan Africa. In my 30s, I was turkey hunting and a rattle snake went by me about a foot away, and my heart skipped a beat or two. Blue-and-Yellow Macaw . This snake is quite common in certain areas and often killed at night on the roads. Cow . Little Penguin . Oryx . Snake identification can be a tricky task for beginners and even for snake enthusiasts or experts. It’s venom is mild and has little effect on humans with mild swelling. Blackbuck . The African Tiger Snake has pale orange or salmon pink scales with 24-48 black or dark brown bars on its back and tail. It is the largest of the continent's venomous snake species, with an average length of approximately 8.2 feet. The common spitting snakes in South Africa are the Mozambique Spitting Cobra (M’Fezi) and the Rinkhals. It is an excellent climber and spends its days hiding under the bark of trees or under rocks. It is the second longest venomous snake species in the world and is the fastest moving land snake, capable of moving at 4.32 to … Telescopus semiannulatus semiannulatus also know as the Eastern Tiger Snake. Redeye Labeo . Its prey is mainly birds but it will also take bats, chameleons and geckos. Big Bellied Seahorse . Bat-Eared Fox . Deadly Tiger Snake. Of the 172-odd species and subspecies that occur in Southern Africa, there are a few groups that seem to confuse people frequently. We hope …

At necropsy examination, the snake had minimal coelomic adipose stores. Eastern Stripe-Bellied Sand Snake . Not only is the snake huge, it’s also jet-black. I'm not afraid of snakes, and I actually like them, and had them as pets. A short video we made for you on one of South Africa's most beautiful species, the Eastern Tiger Snake (Telescopus semiannulatus semiannulatus). Its underbelly is pale yellow or orange. In my 30s, I was turkey hunting and a rattle snake went by me about a foot away, and my heart skipped a beat or two.

A 12-year-old, captive-bred, male, 51.7 cm long (snout to tail-tip) African tiger snake, (Telescopus semiannulatus), housed in a zoological collection was found dead after a 10-month history of spinal disease. When cornered it performs like the Herald Snake, coiling up with its head drawn back and will strike with an open mouth, biting readily.

Epaulette Shark . Kirk’s Dik-Dik . Yak .

Map indicating the distribution of the Eastern Tiger Snake in Southern Africa. Beetz’s Tiger Snake feeds on lizards and geckos. Black mambas are the fastest of all indigenous African snakes, and often strike more than once. East African Common Hippopotamus . Its prey is mainly birds but it will also take bats, chameleons and geckos. African Grass Owl .

Common Zebra . It has a narrow body, long tail, and a distinct head with large orange eyes that have vertical pupils. There are two local species, one orange with black bands across the back (on the North coast of Kenya these fade as the snake gets older), the head is very distinct from the neck. LOL!!!! In addition to biting, both of these snakes spray their venom up to a distance of three metres and do so in self-defense to temporarily blind their attacker and allow the snake to escape. Red-Whiskered Bulbul . A small, slow moving snake that hunts at night. There are several reasons for this, including its aggressive nature when cornered and its large size. African Leopard Fritillary Butterfly .

A slow-moving nocturnal snake that hunts for lizards, especially geckos, nestling birds, bats and small rodents. African Mocker Swallowtail Butterfly .

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