In DC, there's a place/thing called the "5th dimension", which the imps call home. "The 5th dimension doesn't follow our rules, or use vowels! The Land of Zrff tribunal. Due to its five dimensional properties, this reality functions off of a completely different set of physics than those found in typical three dimensional environments. Celebrating over 50 years of extraordinary entertainment, original member Florence LaRue and company continue to deliver dynamic performances that stand the test of time. The council of the Land of Zrff had strict rules about interfering with other dimensions. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there—no suffering or … The second, posited by Swedish physicist Oskar Klein, is that it is a dimension unseen by humans where the forces of gravity and electromagnetism unite to create a … The Sixth Dimension serves as a 'Multiversal Control Room' which stands at the very top of the Multiversal scale.. History. Earth-6212 Fifth Dimension (Earth-6212 ) Fifth Dimension (Marvex) The pocket universe created by the Time Trapper. The Phantom Zone - A prison realm created by the Kryptonians to store the Kryptonian villains. Five-dimensional space is a mathematical concept or construct.. Fifth Dimension or fifth dimension may also refer to: . The Sixth Dimension is a godlike dimension and the highest plane of existence and exists beyond imagination and time.This is the realm of things beyond the imagination; where the Multiverse was designed and set in motion. Mr. Mxyzptlk is an imp from the 5th Dimension. Now I theorize that essentially, 5th dimensional imps affect us like real life writers and artists affect the 2nd dimension. History. The 5th Dimension is an inter-dimensional reality that exists outside of the normally accepted space/time continuum. November 8, 2020 Starting: 07:00 PM . The Fifth Dimension was the home of Mr. Mxyzptlk and other beings of incomprehensible power like him.. History . Posted: (10 days ago) The 5th Dimension is a dimension in the DC Universe and the home to interdimensional imps, such as Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite, as well as genies, such as Thunderbolt.. History Edit. The Fifth Dimension. Mxyzptlik." Overview; View Map. Wiccan (Marvel) ascends to higher-dimensional Demiurge form, in which all of reality looks like a 2-dimensional drawing. Fifth Dimension Official Name Fifth Dimension Aliases 5th Dimension Location Details Universe [[:Category:Earth-Two|Earth-Two]], [[:Category: Earth-One| Earth-One]], [[:Category: New Earth| New Earth]], [[:Category: DCAU| DCAU]] First appearance Contents[show] History The Fifth Dimension is an inter-dimensional reality that exists outside of the normally accepted space/time continuum.

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