Presented by Dev Team Alpha (Delta Division) and the Synergy Roleplay Development Team. was a unit during the Clone Wars led by Jedi General Aayla Secura and Clone Commander Bly (who had the position or title of an Elite Clone Officer). Subscribed. We are a highly skilled and professional bunch with the strive to become the best in anything we do. The 327th Legion is a Star Wars™ Starsim Unit was formed to bring to light the lives of clones of the 327th Star Corps during Clone Wars. [SR] 327th Star Corps. The 327th Star Corps. The troops of the 327th Star Corps are distinguished by striped yellow markings running the length of their armor. This pack was orignally made for Synergy Roleplay but can be used by anyone. Subscribe. Description. The 327th Star Corps is an elite corps of clone troopers and one of the most active units in the Grand Army of the Republic. They serve within the 2nd Sector Army and Systems Army Alpha. Unsubscribe.

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